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Dead Asrock and some MMD development.

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My ASROCK 880g Extreme 3 seems to be dead. It wont accept any of my rams any more. So i am kinda stuck for the moment with any development ._. But on the bright side i will get a new laptop soon and also soon get the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX to replace Asrock. It gone be good to return back to ASUS. General i have good experience with ASUS.

Meanwhile I have solved my Facial export problems. The main problem is that MMD wants to have triangels on high detailed models. But my vertex was more in a S quare order. And that made some mess when it wanted to export it. When I get my computers up and running i want to make a Tutorial to how to get models from Blender into a PMD formate 🙂
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Render Render and more Render

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Here are some random Renders I did make the past 2 years.

All the nature stuff did i learn from The Nature Academy. And generally Blender Guru’s Tutorials.

Chuunibyou 3D model

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This is kinda a model I wanted to make after I seen the anime Chuunibyou. All the parts(hair, face EVERYTHING) is still in WIP.

To what format I gone export it to is still a question to me. I believe MMD is an option if i get a better handling of it. And maybe some game port 🙂
If the time is my friend i hope to added cloth in the end of this week.

MMD Development

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At the moment i boxing with this MMD model. The modelling process wasn’t that hard and i am happy that i mange to make a complete face that looks like i want. But the main problem right now is to export it to pmd with the face morph. Somehow it works fine before with 2 face keys. But I must somehow mess up soothing with the vertex data. Because the exporter don’t want to export now when i have made more face keys. Maybe it s a bug in the exporter. But the export plugin is made by a Japanese guy so it will be hard to get support from. But i used enough time on this error. I just have to learn to make face expression in PMD editor as this model is gone be a promotion video to a company. But I also will release this open to everyone 🙂


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Well hello there people. Long time again. What have i been up to some may ask. Well i have been busy with school.

What kinda school ? Well I have been studying as a Multimedia Designer.

Is it 3D related ? Well it defiantly can be used in this education.

While being “dead” I have been improving my modelling skills in Blender. Blender have really getting stronger lately. In the next coming day’s I am gone upload what i have been experimenting. And what I  am doing now.

Like right now i am making a anime 3D model. This time made from sratch. It is gone be used in a commercial in [MMD]Miku Miku Dance. But also I will publish it here.

Also my study have teach me many skills in website development. So i also want to redesign my blog and probaly move it to a new domain.

Its time to get serius

Lose of insperation.

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Yes it have happen again. Looong time of i am just playing computer and don’t do any productive :S Well one good news is that I am now studying to be a Multimedia designer that i really enjoy. I am not sure of when i was buried of books was the reason of me getting lazy and just playing video games. But now my studying is in Photoshop and that stuff that makes it a hell more fun 😀 So this may be a question. What now?

Well i want to start on a Blender course Pretty awesome stuff.

Redesign My blog. I have plans to buy my own private domain to more freedom

And atlast i want to give a Holiday gift to yo all…. Do some maybe remember for a year ago i made som mecha musme tank girl. Well it kinda almost finnish. So i will give myself a kick in balls to finnish it 😀


Happy Holidays everyone 🙂Image

GlaD0S Finnish

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Yes it is done now.. It could be better. But it was little science project on porting to another source engien and jiggly bones. And it was a success ^^

Glados Chell edition