Windows 8 ?

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Well now i did finally get a new laptop so i can work/game while i am on the go. Well┬á now i just have learn to use Win8. Its not hard it just.. WHY MICROSOFT…!!!! Lets hope that Win9 Saves us all like Win7..


Dead Asrock and some MMD development.

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My ASROCK 880g Extreme 3 seems to be dead. It wont accept any of my rams any more. So i am kinda stuck for the moment with any development ._. But on the bright side i will get a new laptop soon and also soon get the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX to replace Asrock. It gone be good to return back to ASUS. General i have good experience with ASUS.

Meanwhile I have solved my Facial export problems. The main problem is that MMD wants to have triangels on high detailed models. But my vertex was more in a S quare order. And that made some mess when it wanted to export it. When I get my computers up and running i want to make a Tutorial to how to get models from Blender into a PMD formate ­čÖé
pmd vertexblender vertex

Return from the dead

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Of long silence again I have got the balls to begin on what i did left behind. To be onest so hav i kinda been a depression about complex stuff. And lost my inspiration to continue on modelling. And mostly just game and talk to friends to get my battle spirit back. And now I have got the balls to return. So what is the battle plan ?
– Glados portal
– Panther girl
– Flandre witch l4d
– GHR modelling and porting too Hl2
– Machinima “Hunt for Gorden”

The Glados model is not gone get the eye function as it is buggy as hell. I cant get them right so i am just gone look some small bugs on it and then release it. And the other models is still just most mesh and no texture. But i am getting back on them. The main focus is Smash dasuki and Sesko.

But happy new year and lets hope I manage to make some stuff done in 2011 ^^

What the hell are im doing 2

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I haven’t really made any finish production. Instead i have toss the same balls in the air. Cirno hate me and mod progress is slow.

The SMD importer is verry bug. So every bone that is imported is weird rotated -_- So there are allot of manual work there.

Mod progress have also gone weird. I did believe when i make my Monday update. stuff was going to speed up. But Nooo~
I have talk to some people at the Source2D mod. And we have manage to make a deal so i can the 2D codes and i make some models to there mod. So i can make my own 2D mod in the Source engine. Feel more like home in Source engine ­čśŤ

But i have done some smal adjustment on some of my models. I have made Smash Daisaku

And here there is a pic of my Left4 Dead Flandre

I hope soon i get something to release. It have been a looong time since last time -_-

WTF i am doing!!!

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I believe some is wondering about what I am doing at the moment. And if there ever gone be an update for Cirno.

I have been working on a mod named Gunstar Hero. It was an old sega game that is bringing to life in Unreal2 Engine. Why Unreal. Ya that is a good question. In manly because I am the 3d artist on the studio75. And many of them are god friends from the Banzai team. An i have made 3 models for the mod. But they are still under progress. But i believe i am gone rig them for HL2 when the times come. And that point back to Cirno┬┤s rig. Ya Cirno have been a really unlucky bird. I have been stroked by several computer problem while i was fresh to rig.

    Problem 1: Windows 7 didn’t have any good OpenGL nvida driver.

    Problem 2: My Only 6 months 1 TB HDD was ill and was dieing.

    Problem 3: XSI Memory Eating while Merging and in the end freeze.

    Problem 4: My Moral to continue

    Problem 5: Virus attack.

Ya the list have grown large. And the virus attack is 2 Days old now. And i have reinstall my windows now so now it should be dead. But the biggest fault I have done is not to post any of this in the website. And I am very sorry for that. BUT :3 I am working on it and the site is gone see some change. And I am gone post some pics to the gallery and some link. And I will try to post my Monday Update here. I have one at Moddb of with 3D dev. But that is only 5 week. They will also be posted here too. But I will say thanks to the people who still hang on here ­čśÇ

Yellow a Gunstar Hero Char

Moved Out

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It was time gor me to try something new. Next step in life have been done. I have moved out from my parents. So it have been some days i haven’t done anything. And am eger to get some model time.

There also some mod that i have been a side man to. And it seems one of them are on the track. The mod is named Gunstar Heroes Resurrection and should have the same game play as Banzai if any have heard about it. So some of my project may get on halt. But more info are inbound.

New way to kill you’re keyboard Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku – Unthinkable Natural Law

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Ya i did just ge the news that this was out. I kindly like this game to make time fly ore need to stress off.

So if any want this just go to Megaupload Link
I think that FlashNoob gone like this because Cirno is in this game. But you should get 10.5 It give you all the chars.