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There have beens some smale adjustment on my blog. Not any really big but i have made some icons and arrange the download in different pages. And in the gallery the same deal.  You also se the little knight dude every where. It is inspired By Yahtzee And my knight helmet i have 😛

Breaking news

Blender is now supporting VTA exportin 😀

That means that i finally have a way to make face expression, without any need to learn any new program.  The only sad thing is that there are no other way to import from XSI to blender is smd. And the smd importer in Blender is bug. But i have make contact with a guy that is making a new importer to blender.

  • Third news today is that the Studio75 have got  a mapper so ower mod can continue. I will set some pics of the new char i have model.
  • And at last so have i push a 3 project into the air. But this is more like i side mission when i need some variation. I plan to make Flandre from touhou to the left4dead witch. some of it is for to test the new blender tool.

Se ya to next Update


One thought on “Icons update

    SAXsamus said:
    January 26, 2010 at 05:19

    yay and when cirno is done ill get to work on the player model and NPC scripts

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