WTF i am doing!!!

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I believe some is wondering about what I am doing at the moment. And if there ever gone be an update for Cirno.

I have been working on a mod named Gunstar Hero. It was an old sega game that is bringing to life in Unreal2 Engine. Why Unreal. Ya that is a good question. In manly because I am the 3d artist on the studio75. And many of them are god friends from the Banzai team. An i have made 3 models for the mod. But they are still under progress. But i believe i am gone rig them for HL2 when the times come. And that point back to Cirno´s rig. Ya Cirno have been a really unlucky bird. I have been stroked by several computer problem while i was fresh to rig.

    Problem 1: Windows 7 didn’t have any good OpenGL nvida driver.

    Problem 2: My Only 6 months 1 TB HDD was ill and was dieing.

    Problem 3: XSI Memory Eating while Merging and in the end freeze.

    Problem 4: My Moral to continue

    Problem 5: Virus attack.

Ya the list have grown large. And the virus attack is 2 Days old now. And i have reinstall my windows now so now it should be dead. But the biggest fault I have done is not to post any of this in the website. And I am very sorry for that. BUT :3 I am working on it and the site is gone see some change. And I am gone post some pics to the gallery and some link. And I will try to post my Monday Update here. I have one at Moddb of with 3D dev. But that is only 5 week. They will also be posted here too. But I will say thanks to the people who still hang on here 😀

Yellow a Gunstar Hero Char


One thought on “WTF i am doing!!!

    SAXsamus said:
    November 18, 2009 at 05:55

    well its good to know that the sites not dead

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